US Jewish racists face to face with the truth

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Jeudi 31 Octobre 2013

US Jewish racists face to face with the truth
Jewish supremacists visiting the racist Jewish National Fund’s (JNF) annual national conference in Denver, USA, have found themselves face to face with the truth.
Advertisements, highlighting the fact that Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing, have been appearing on Denver-area buses just as Jewish racists flocked to the JNF’s national coven in the central city of Denver.

“Ethnic cleansing” advertisements greet Jewish National Fund coven in Denver

The advertisements, which include the slogan “Want peace? Stop ethnic cleansing in Palestine”, are sponsored by the website No Tax Dollars to Israel and the Colorado Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign.
The JNF’s national coven draws thousands of Jewish supremacists and their gentile servants every year.

Jeudi 31 Octobre 2013

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