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The UNRWA official’s negligence is an insulting event... and gross violations to the right of childhood

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Samedi 2 Janvier 2010

: "The Palestinian refugees between the failure of "UNRWA" and the intransigence of the Palestinian officials" That time our report addressed the issue of a children school belongs to the agency has an obvious Negligence by the officials to the right of childhood.

As we have been initiated to visit officials in the agency's headquarters in Beirut and informed them the details about the gross negligence going on  in their positions and headquarters and they have expressed their aptitude to cooperate and willingness to reform, Only verbally but no action.

Today we reopen this file, adding the documented photos and information  we expect it is hidden from senior curators of the agency but not hidden from senior Palestinian political officials in Lebanon. 

The school "Marj Ben Amer" "model to one of UNRWA schools in refugee camps in Lebanon"

"Marj Ben Amer" School was founded late in 2008 in the camp "Ein El-Helwa" for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, and was officially opened on September 2009, the school for children in primary stage, and it is also a new school and this is the first year it opens its doors to Palestinian students.

Information about the school...

The school has no legal electricity and the power of the existing electricity is a 25 amp connected to the residential compound adjacent to the school.    

The school is still without any protection for windows, students, and this had been raised previously in our report, but the official’s ears has got deaf.

The school has no water only every six or four hours, means just when the state electricity exists, unfortunately in the camp "Ein El-Helwa" the electricity is cut off for 12 hours in 24 hours.

The children's playground located on the roof of the school and surrounded by a solid metal grid!

The office of ration distribution, which belongs to the Agency, exists under the school.

A garbage dump as well as garbage transporting cars stop also exist under the school, and the children smell it!

There is still violence against children in UNRWA schools in the camp "Ein El-Helwa"   and for documentation we have got videos of the confessions and complaints of children in this regard...So where this international agency respect for Children’s is Rights... And where are human rights monitors of UNRWA centers in Lebanon?


We let you documented photos from a school belongs to the International agency in the camp "Ein El-Helwa” fr each who receives the report.

We in the Palestinian Human Rights foundation (Monitor) urge those responsible for the international agency to act immediately and not to fail to reform these transgressions, we declare that we are ready to cooperate with all institutions to formulate a strategy to work towards reformation and this is what we call to in our reports and criticisms of all institutions, we invite you to put our hands together and live up to a better society.

You and we are looking forward to a bright world achieves a human justice for the Palestinian people, do we should ignore the innocent children in the camps?

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The UNRWA official’s negligence is an insulting event... and gross violations to the right of childhood

Samedi 2 Janvier 2010

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