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The SS Free Gaza and the SS Liberty have arrived in Larnaca, Cyprus

Press release of the 'Free Gaza Movement'

the Free Gaza and the Liberty rounded the last corner of this lovely island, escorted by the Cypriot Coast Guard, and pulled into on the Northern side of the commercial port in Larnaca.

Mercredi 20 Août 2008

The SS Free Gaza and the SS Liberty have arrived in Larnaca, Cyprus

"We’ve been waiting a long time to unify our group, which has been split between Cyprus and Crete. We are excited to combine both groups who have worked so hard on this project and are so enthusiastic about setting out for Gaza. On the way in today, we had the Cypriot authorities escorting us. Now, it’s time for the world to escort us to Gaza." Said Paul Larudee, one of the organizers.

After a thorough inspection of both boats, the port authority will let the 20 passengers from Cyprus on board to make final preparations, including a memorial service for the more than 5000 Palestinians who have lost their lives since September 2000 as well as the 34 sailors aboard the USS Liberty who were assassinated by Israel in 1967. They, like the Palestinians, will not be forgotten. That service should be on Thursday, August 21 just before the boats begin their final journey to Gaza.

"It was exhilarating to watch the boats come in after waiting so patiently over the past two weeks. Seeing the sail on the Free Gaza followed to port by the Liberty has been worth the wait. Now we will get the boats ready to sail to Gaza, because that is our final destination. We are looking forward to going as soon as possible. " Said a delighted Fathi Jaouadi, one of the passengers on board.

The boats will be in port for the next two days for media to photograph. The human rights workers on board will also be available for interviews.

In UK:
The Free Gaza Movement: +447818040982
Palestinian Solidarity Campaign: +442077006313

On Board Ship:
Paul Larudee: +306 981 234829 (
Osama Qashoo: +44 7833381660

In Cyprus:
Ramzi Kysia, Greta Berlin:
+357-990 81767 (
Angela Godfrey-Goldstein:
+972 547 366 393 (

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10 août 2008 | Thèmes : Gaza Droit international

15 personnes naviguent en ce moment vers Chypre où 20 autres personnes embarqueront au milieu de la semaine, cap sur Gaza où leur arrivée est prévue à partir de jeudi.

On apprend à l’instant, de source non officielle, que le gouvernement israélien est très agacé et répète que ces deux bateaux n’ont pas le droit d’aller à Gaza.

Silvia Cattori

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Mercredi 20 Août 2008

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