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Samedi 16 Février 2008

PCAS releases a song against Siege: Take the Siege away

PCAS releases a song against Siege: Take the Siege away

From the depth of death and darkness, from the depth of drastic inhuman siege, Gazans sing for peace, freedom and ending siege. Two Young youths seek peace and ending siege through singing!

PCAS as part of its endless initiatives, actions and projects, is releasing a new song in the coming 2 days. The song is done by two promising Palestinian singers, HATEM & NASEEM


The song narrates the misery and burdens facing 1.5 million of civilians. It shows siege's ramifications in all aspects of daily life, such as shortage of medicines and closed crossings.

A video clip will be designed and broadcasted in many TVs and media outlets. 

You can check our website in the coming 3 days to download the video:

Here you have the Lyrics:

Take the siege away…


By Hatem & Naseem

A girl named Sarah,

Innocence's in her eye,

'cause of no medication,

She's about to die


In Gaza, there's siege

Why can't you hear!

Children, women, old men

No one can bear


Don't let her feel the pain

Don't let her suffer again

Just let her fly, like a bird in the sky, and take the siege away



Ali ambitious student

Drawing a rainbow on the sand

He wants to reach his college

But besieged in his land


He wants to learn abroad

To come back and build a road

The road toward freedom,

just and safe abode


Don't take his dreams away

Don't let him miss the way

Just let him fly, like a bird in the sky, and take the siege away



Away from the siege, away from despair

Away from violence, and agony everywhere

Don't let us stay deprived, we just wanna survive

Gaza's under siege, and no one can bear…


No medicine for Sarah, no passing through borders…

Families are separated, can't meet each others..

Patients die everyday, suffering everyday, take the siege away


Popular Committee Against Siege(PCAS),
PCAS Manager,
Sam AK
Gaza - Palestine

Samedi 16 Février 2008

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