“The Jewish State could serve as part of a wall of defense for Europe in Asia, an outpost of civilization against barbarism.” Theodore Herzl 1886, World Zionist Organization Founder.

“Everybody sees a difficulty in the question of relations between Arabs and Jews. But not everybody sees that there is no solution to this question. No solution.” Ben Gourion 1919, first Israeli Prime Minister.
“Zionism is a colonization adventure and therefore it stands or falls by the question of armed force. It is important…to speak Hebrew, but, unfortunately, it is even more important to be able to shoot.” Vladimir Jabotinsky 1923, Revisionist Zionist Founder.

“There is no such thing as Palestinians; they never existed.” Golda Maeir 1969, Israeli Prime Minister.
“Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that … I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Israeli people, control America, and the Americans know it.” Ariel Sharon Oct 3, 2001, Kol Yisrael Radio.

““The Palestinians” would be crushed like grasshoppers … heads smashed against the boulders and walls.” Yitshak Shamir’s speech to settlers, New York Times 1st April 1988.

N.B. We have a ton more of the above, if this is not enough!
Dimanche 4 Janvier 2009

FROM COUNTRY TO STRIP & BANK PALESTINE is known today as a STRIP of land like those chicken strips ready to be barbecued (holocausted), and the WEST BANK, a beach of burning sand where sun tanning, that is, the offerings of nuked Palestinians to the western Nazi and Zionist gods are an acceptable fashion. But, what are Muslims the world over offering to stop the many holocausts, mass raping and endless torture and persecution of their mothers and sisters, sons and daughters, wives and babies? “Non-violent resistance” as advocated recently by the false prophet reformer and impostor Dr Tariq Ramadan or “moving and beautiful du’¬âs” to THE GOD that has been made by so-called Believers to go deaf, blind and totally indifferent to the plight of suffering and defenceless human beings? Palestine is stolen Muslim land, sacred to all righteous human religions, in particular Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Are we so blind as not to see an ongoing holocaust live on our television screen as well as live on the scene itself? Nazi so-called barbarity lasted some six to seven years, but Zionist savagery has been ongoing for more than half a century? The decadent Muslim Ummah let the Kuffar capture all our lands. Some Muslim traitors, with the help of the Kuffar, fought our decadent Khilâfah and gave conquered Palestine to the European Jews! So, now, many pretend to be concerned by what is happening to what remains of Palestine and Al-Quds! But, yet again, they always turn to the Kuffar for answers and for help! But, Shaytaan will never betray his Diin as Muslims have betrayed theirs! Is there any hope? Of course, there is always hope, but not if Muslims fight for “national sovereignty” or for democracy, which, of course they will never achieve, but for ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala and for ISLAM. MUSLIM COMPASSION Where were the Muslims when the same Satanic forces were slaughtering the Vietnamese, Latinos, and more recently the Rwandan people? They were absent then, but pretend now to be present and concerned every time Muslims are being bombed, slaughtered, imprisoned, tortured and persecuted whether in Sudan, Palestine, Algeria, Chechnya, Kashmir, Indonesia, Anglo-India, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and South-East Asia. They know little or nothing about the fate of Muslims in China and the Muslim Republics of Central Asia because their indoctrinating machines (western Zionist controlled media, for which most of whom willingly pay a licence to be misinformed!) do not talk about them! Because those Muslims showed and show no or little compassion for so-called non Muslims, GOD has abandoned them to their fate. And, however moving they may be, their du’âs are worthless (useless) in times of tribulations for Muslims because they are not sincere, except for the few who really care. When my mother is being raped and my baby nuked by the Kuffar and the ZÂLIMÛN, she calls out: YA ALLAH! Is there any du’â better than this? When she screams at the top of her voice YA ALLAH, she in fact means Ya Muhammad, Ya ‘Ali, Ya Hamza, Ya Rauf, Ya Isma’il, Ya Khalid, Ya Yusuf, Ya Tariq, Ya Mujâhidûn, all the RAJULUN (real men!) in the Muslim Ummah, starting with the men of her own household and family and neighbourhood. But, most of them have already died during the Muslim Holocausts fighting the nukes of the enemies of God with inadequate weaponry, and the remaining ones are so traumatised from the endless bombings, torture, persecution and deprivations, that no matter how many more lives they sacrifice they never achieve positive results, and rely heavily from help from outside the killing zones. SELF-DEFENCE Have Muslims not learned that SELF-DEFENCE is also a Sunnah? Have Muslims not learned that QITAL is a HUKM (ORDER, COMMANDMENT) from ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala? But, they would not fight until ordered by Shaytaan to do so! Have we forgotten how Muslims join in with the Kuffar on the sides of Saddam Hussein in order to attack Iran and causing around three million deaths on both sides? Have we forgotten that the Arab countries joined in with the Kuffar (they were on the front line!) to attack Iraq during the Kuffar’s Nuclear and Space Gulf War? What did European Muslims do to stop the genocidal war in Bosnia-Herzegovina that was allowed to spread to Kosovo and Albania? How did they defend 60,000 of our mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and babies, Muslim and non Muslim alike, from being mass-raped by the Communists and so-called Christians (Serbs, Russian and Croats)? Many would answer: “We sent food and medical supplies…”! But, our women there needed weapons to beat the crap out of the attackers and the invaders, including the Zionist UN Holocaust, ethnic cleansing and mass-rape monitoring forces, and NOT CAPITALIST FOOD OR JEWISH MEDICINE! It is a crime to teach a man not to defend himself, said the great Mujâhid and Shahîd Al-Haj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcom X). So, we should not buy in that crap of “non-violent resistance” when we have had for centuries in face of us an ideology and a machine of organized violence that today poses as the saviour of humanity and prophet of peace and freedom! ISLAMIC (MUSLIM) “CHARITIES” Those Muslim pacifists (There are no pacifists in Islam!) and Satanic law-abiding citizens always need authorisation and blessing from the Kuffar! What is seen, here in the UK, as Muslim compassion, is just a manipulation of certain so-called Muslim Charities (that operate under the strict guidance of Satan himself, the notorious Charity Commission, and with the Kuffar Banking System!) to collect money mainly from impoverished and credulous Muslims by promising them countless rewards and even Paradise! The latest despicable appeals of three of these beggarly organisations were recently seen (exposed) on the Islam Channel. When some donors would make comments that were not to the liking of the Beggars, they would shut them up, for example, when one caller spoke of the Jews who were killing Muslims in Palestine, he (or she) was immediately interrupted and rebuked, and asked not (never!) to blame “the Jews”, but (only) the Zionist Israelis! Another caller was similarly treated when he mentioned the word “jihaad”! The money beggar got scared and went on the defensive! Those accomplished Beggars from Muslim Aid, Interpal, Muslim Hands, etc., are afraid of the Kuffar and take orders from the Charity Commission. What we all should realise is that there is no such thing as Muslim or Islamic “charities”! This is an institution of the Christians tolerated by the Kuffar (under a regime of Kufr) as long as the Christians submit to their diktat, which they all have done. I chased away several of those beggars from the Rothschild’s Red Cross knocking at my door by informing them that Rothschild’s stolen money finances wars and Rothschild’s charities finance so-called humanitarian agencies! But, those young volunteers know to practically nothing about the politics behind so-called humanitarian aid! Does anybody know why Br Yusuf Islam left Muslim Aid that he himself started? ISLAMIC BAIT UL MAAL Where is the Islamic BAIT UL MAAL, whether in so-called Muslim nation states (created by the Kuffar to destroy Islam and the Muslim Ummah) or in countries where they live as minorities? Why should any Islamic body be subservient to the Kuffar system? The more Muslim makes compromises with the Kuffar (using all kinds of non-Islamic excuses), the more they want from them, and all compromises have served no useful purpose. For sure, they have only accomplished total subservience to the Kufr System. The Holy Qur’ân has already warned the world that the Kuffar will be satisfied only when God-fearing people (Muslims) join them in their evil deeds! Can we join Shaytaan in order to fight him? Obviously we can and we should learn his ways and weaknesses in order to defeat him, but not join him! Do we really need “charities” subservient to the “Charity Commission” or Charity Dictatorship to help anybody in need anywhere on planet earth? We seem to have completely forgotten how “humanitarian aid” to Bosnia was systematically stopped and plundered by the Serbs under the very eyes of the Zionist United Nations! Jews have countless International Funds for the war effort in Apartheid Israel that have never been and will never be investigated by the West. WHY? Simply because Zionists run and control the West! They have already announced that all Islamic Charities will soon be banned! Soon, they will also ban Islam like the Communists did! Why not? THE US PLANNED NUKING OF GHAZZA AND OF ALL MUSLIM LANDS Is the US-Israel nuking of Ghazza and of the Survivors of the Palestinian Holocaust really shocking to the Muslims or to the world? NOW, you may finally understand how and why Yasser Arafat was only a Zionist puppet with his endless “peace talks” and hand-shaking with them, and why Muslim Anouar Al Saddat was murdered (by the West seemingly) although he sold out Palestine and the Muslims of the world to the Kuffar only to be replaced by Husni Mubarak, a Zionist agent and a Coptic Christian! The Kuffar have not stopped nuking Afghanistan and Iraq with uranium and other deadly weapons of mass destruction, and they have vowed to nuke all Muslim countries that resist their Satan-given right to world hegemony and sole ownership! Weapons of mass destruction of all kinds are systematically used on Muslim (and other) people, but who cares? Some of them are family planning, abortion, homosexuality, prostitution, pornography, gambling, drugs, global pollution, and wars on terror, democracy, and consumerism! The Kuffar say they are NOW ready to nuke Iran, as planned, and Ghazza is only a pretext to launch further attacks on any Muslim country that does not submit to their diktat! Did Zionist liar Colin Powell not already ‘predict’ such calamities for January 2009! The very fact that so-called Muslim countries (meaning their despotic western puppet leaders) are ‘silent’ (that is, not mediatised by the Zionist controlled media) on the matter is because they are all accomplices in the ongoing and future Holocausts of Muslims, and because they never obtained their independence from the Kuffar! These despots are not Muslims at all! MUSLIMS HAVE A POOR MEMORY Muslims lost track of history. The Crusades, the Spanish Inquisition, Christian-Jewish slave trade, western imperialism and colonialism, the Holocausts of Native Americans, WWI , WWII, the slaughter of millions of Russian Christians and Muslims during the Bolshevik bloodbaths, the holocausts of Congolese, Algerian, Sudanese, Kashmiri, Cheychen, Iranian, Palestinian, Afghan, and other people never took place. They are NOW glued to the Kuffar’s television and to Jewish/Zionist controlled Internet media because of “THE NEWS”, of Ghazza, and soon because of Iran. But, the Christian leadership plan to exterminate the Muslims and destroy Islam is an old one. Today, Christian leadership has been almost totally de-christianised, and having joined the Zionists, they represent the greatest threat to peace in the world, and the worst fascist and blood thirsty regimes of all times. Depending under which western and Zionist fascist regimes we are surviving under, we are forced never to question the Jewish Holocaust, 9/11, 7/7, the Apartheid Entity of Israel, the Theory of (macro) Evolution (universities will kick students out if they refuse to believe in Atheist Evolution!), the real terrorists, and never ever to freely practise our religion, to express ourselves freely, and to educate our children according to our free choice. CONCLUSION Without everyday JIHAAD fi sabilillah, adequate weaponry, QITAL, the total reclamation of Muslim lands and resources, the re-establishment of the Khilâfah and getting out of the Zionist United Nation Dictatorship, there is no return to or revival of Islam! As to the officially Zionist declaration of an all out war against Muslims and Islam (this is an old Christian and more recent Communist song!), there can be only one legitimate response, that of an all out war against the nuclear warmongers and their collaborators. However, unlike the Kuffar’s genocidal wars, in Islamic QITAL there is no “suicide-bombing”, no terrorist attacks, no rape, no torture, no persecution, no plunder, no murder of non combatants, no destruction of crops and infrastructures, places of worships, schools, hospitals and libraries, and no embargos, but let the Holy Qur’ân in one of its translations or interpretations conclude. 1. Surah 3 Ale Imran - The Family of 'Imran Verse 200. O you who believe! Endure and be more patient (than your enemy), and guard your territory by stationing army units permanently at the places from where the enemy can attack you, and fear Allah, so that you may be successful. 2. Surah 2 Al-Baqarah - The Cow Verse 216. QITAL (military action) is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. It is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But, Allah knoweth, and ye know not. GOD’S ULTIMATUM! 3. Surah 9 At-Taubah . Repentance Verse 24 24. Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your mates, or your kindred, the wealth that ye have gained, the commerce in which ye fear a decline or the dwellings in which ye delight are dearer to you than Allah, or His Messenger or JIHAAD in His cause, then wait until Allah brings about His decision. And, Allah guides not the rebellious. Ghyslaine ROC Servant of God and of no man or government! Friday 2nd of January 6009 P.S. See Open Letter to Barack Hussein Obama, President-elect of the United States of America by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Former Prime Minister of Malaysia

Dimanche 4 Janvier 2009

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