Landslide re-election of pro-Iran President Ahmadinejad

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Rafic Soormally
Lundi 15 Juin 2009

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
In August 1953, under the code name OPERATION AJAX, the United States’ CIA and the British MI6 executed a bloody coup against Mohammad Mossadegh’s democratic government in Iran after PM Mossadegh nationalised the Iranian Oil Industry.   The CIA imposed the exiled Reza Shah Pahlavi as Dictator of Iran and the SAVAK, the Iranian CIA-trained Secret Services, committed the worst of atrocities during his reign.  But, in 1979, as the Iranian people rose against the tyrant Reza Pahlavi, the West abandoned him and he fled to Egypt as the US froze all Iranian assets.  The Islamic Revolution put in power the Ayatollah Khomeini.  The CIA-MI6 armed another Dictator in the name of Saddam Hussein of Iraq to invade and overthrow the Islamic government of Iran.  One million Iranians were slaughtered during a war that lasted 8 years [1980-1988] with UN complicity.  No one was brought to justice for such overt acts of terrorism and crimes.


An exhausted Iranian people started to rebuild their lives, their country and their forces in order to be better equipped to defend themselves against terror attacks and occupation by foreign forces or by regimes backed by those forces, to defend their way of life and to prevent interference in their internal affairs.  In order not to be dependent only on oil for energy purposes, a resource which is in a state of depletion, Iran began developing nuclear (and satellite) technology.  The President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, elected in 2005, took his people forward in greater strides than expected to the envy of those who alleged that Iran would have the potential to build the atomic bomb which they possess themselves in the thousands, and which they decided no independent Muslim nation should ever be  allowed to possess.


Unlike President Barack Hussein Obama of the US, who is still advised and dictated by Zionists, President Ahmdinejad is concerned about the oppressed Palestinian people whose country has been stolen by European Zionists in 1948 with the complicity of the occupying British forces and the United Nations, and he campaigns for their freedom.  He could not find any justification as to why the Palestinians should pay the price for the killing of many European Jews by the Nazis and Soviets in World War II and suggested that Israel should have been created in a European country instead.  He is falsely accused ad infinitum of saying that Israel should be ‘wiped off the map’.  Because, he hosted a conference to look into the European Jewish Holocaust of 6 million, a figure circulated well before World War II, and given that Auschwitz museum has reportedly lowered the number of Jews killed there from 4 million to 1.5 million, he is accused as being an ‘anti-Semite’ and a ‘holocaust-denier’.  Arabs of all confessions are the real Semites and the cleansing of American Indians upon which the European-American civilisation is based is the Mother of all holocausts.  However, it is to be noted that Iranian Jews say they are quite happy in Iran, their homeland, and oppose western and Israeli belligerency against their nation.


The European-West’s vicious campaign against President Ahmadinejad has been relentless.  Israel and the US have been threatening to bomb Iran.  Hillary Clinton threatened to “obliterate Iran”!  Several terrorists’ attacks within Iranian borders have been blamed on Americans and Israelis.  American forces surround Iran on its borders with Iraq and Afghanistan which are presently under their occupation.  The US also supports opposition against Ahmadinejad within Iran in order to stir an uprising, particularly by the young.  Ahmadinejad was favourite to win the Presidential elections held on 12 June 2009, but just one week before the election, the European-West made out that pro-European former Prime Minister Mirhossein Mousavi, almost unheard of until recently, was closing in fast on Ahmadinejad and made out that Mousavi’s was favourite to win unless there were vote-rigging.  BBC Panorama, in its usual anti-Iranian, anti-Palestinian and pro-Israel bias, portrayed the ‘immense popularity’ of Mousavi.  The BBC reporter Jane Corbin, who had to wear a headscarf under Iranian law, emphasised Mousavi’s women supporters with more ‘relaxed dress code’, his appeal to the young and predicted a close finish.  In fact, Ahmadinejad won around two-thirds of the votes.


For her part, in « 'Suffragettes' of Iran demand to be heard », The Independent 13 June 2009, Katherine Butler speaks of Iranian women « wrapped in headscarves » clearly showing her prejudices and racism against the way Iranian women dress up under the respect required under the law.  Europeans want Iranian women to show their breasts like many of them do !  This is the sort of immoral permissiveness they want to impose in Iran and elsewhere.  Why do they not, for example, use the terms « cleavage-showing » or « knickers-flashing » or « thong-showing » or « tight-trouser wearing » whenever they talk or write about European women?  For his part, in the same issue of the Independent, in an anti-Ahmadinejad article, Robert Fisk speaks of « A divided country united by the spirit of democracy », thus completely missing the point that the essence of democracy, European-style, is about division, mud-slinging, character assassination, lies, intimidation, blackmail, money, and more.  In a complete turnaround, Robert Fisk, succumbing to Zionist pressure, finds nothing to say about how Ahmadinajad made his country strong and well respected in the face of overt hostilities from the US and Israel who are striving for a foothold in Iran by spilling Iranian blood.


The neighbouring Arab countries should get rid of their despotic rulers installed by the European West and follow the example of President Ahamdinejad.  They should campaign for the removal of all occupying terrorists from the region, and limit their dependence on the forces of terror as espoused by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.  In his book « 100 ways America is screwing up the world », John Tirman, Executive Director of MIT’s Centre for International Studies, speaks of the 1953 overthrow of Moussadegh, the CIA-led assassination of Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1970, « American-led genocide in the Philippines in the early 1900's », « Ethnic cleansing of indigenous peoples in what is now America », America’s « Multiple military occupations of Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic... », its support of foreign dictators, and even refers to the practice of « rapes of girls as a weapon of war », a daily occurrence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. 


Although Ahmadinejad’s convincing win over Mousavi may disappoint many in the European West, Iranians have judged him best for their country because they have learnt their own history well and asked the right questions about foreign manipulated and revised history which Europeans are attempting to impose upon them.  Iranians wisely voted for a pro-Iran President rather than a pro-European one.  Ahmadinejad is also admired for his programme of redistribution of wealth.  Indira Gandhi, the late Prime Minister of India, said that India should always strive for self-sufficiency.  While this philosophy is being abandoned by present-day India in favour of democratic fascism (Ref. Susan Arundhati Roy) through her frolics with Zionists with the great danger of further partitioning of India lurking in the background, Iran is forging ahead to become self-sufficient with the ability to defend herself against the forces of terror.  Ahmadinejad will not remain President forever, but the people of Iran must always preserve the country’s integrity and be warned against those within its ranks who are promoted by the evil forces of economic and military domination and occupation.  The riots of young Iranians following the victory of President Ahmedinejad were to be expected given the lies they have been fed with by the enemies of Iran.  While pro-European Mousavi did not appeal for calm and called for the presidential vote to be scrapped, President Ahmadinejad praises young Iranians as being the best in the world and told them that he relies upon them for the future of the country.


M Rafic Soormally


14 June 2009

Lundi 15 Juin 2009

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