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Jewish Agency set to launch “most exorbitant” Zionist propaganda and colonization campaign ever

Mardi 20 Août 2013

Jewish Agency set to launch “most exorbitant” Zionist propaganda and colonization campaign ever
The Jewish Agency – the world’s largest Jewish nonprofit organization whose primary purpose is to colonize Palestine with foreign Jews – is about to launch an extravagant campaign to market Israel to Americans.
According to the Times of Israel, the campaign would focus on four areas: Israel education in Jewish institutions; Israel engagement on campuses worldwide; educational trips to Israel; and incentives for Jewish immigration to Israel.
The campaign is set to cost 300 million US dollars, a third of which will come from the Israeli government – in all likelihood that means the hard-pressed American taxpayers – and the remainder from Jewish donors.


However, as +972 Magazine says, despite this being the “most exorbitant pro-Israel campaign ever”, the Zionist propagandists will have a hard mountain to climb – so hard, in fact, that they may well be doomed.
For one thing, there’s the small matter of Daniel Seaman, the government official in charge of promoting Israel’s image on social media platforms – and to lead a team of Twitter propagandists – who has been warned by his bosses to halt his activities due to complaints of racist and incendiary language.
In addition,
When you also take into consideration the comments made recently by Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett  (“if you catch terrorists you simply have to kill them”; “I’ve killed plenty of Arabs in his life without any problem”) or the mayor of Upper Nazareth’s statement that he will never allow the establishment of an Arab school in his town as long as he is mayor (followed by his op-ed in Haaretz asserting that if anyone thinks he’s racist then so is Zionism), not to mention the myriad of racist comments and actions taken against African asylum seekers (i.e. “cancer in our body “), then it seems pretty obvious why it will require so much dough to promote Israel among American Jews. It ain’t easy marketing this place, especially with this government in power.
But that’s not all. Take, for instance the case of the Palestinian Jaber family in Al-Baqa’a, who have been harassed and attacked by the Zionist squatters of Kiryat Arba.
The incident below, which shows the squatters – escorted by Israeli police – rampaging around Hudaina and Atta Jaber’s home, was filmed by the couple’s daughter from inside the house on 12 July 2013. As always happens when Jewish squatters attack Palestinian property, Israeli soldiers stood by while the Jewish thugs – who brought their young children with them to help destroy the Palestinians’ crops – ransacked the farm, which belonged to the Jaber family for 600 years.
  Against this background, no right-thinking person with an iota of grey matter between their ears will buy the Zionist/Israeli propaganda, no matter how well funded it is.
The truth will out, and no amount of dirty money will conceal it.


Mardi 20 Août 2013

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