Israel’s Trojan horses in the USA

Samedi 26 Octobre 2013

Israel’s Trojan horses in the USA
By way of deception and lies is the modus operandi of Israel and its secret agents – and, we now know, also its pimps and stooges.
The name sounds innocent enough – “Creative Community for Peace”, or CCFP – and the purpose benign bordering on the fluffy – to “supports the idea of building bridges between people through art and music”. But the reality is very different.
Since its creation in 2010-11, CCFP has been in the forefront of the fight in the United States against the cultural boycott of Israel, on the dubious grounds that “music and the arts are bridge[s] to peace and they should not be politicized”. It’s pretty much the argument once used by the apologists for South African apartheid against cutting sporting links with South Africa.
In fact, as Phan Nguyen reports in the news website Mondoweiss, CCFP is more akin to a Trojan horse for Israeli Jewish supremacists. It is
actually a front for StandWithUs, the notorious right-wing pro-settler organization that works closely with the Israeli Foreign Ministry. And CCFP provides cover for StandWithUs to fight cultural boycott without exposing its own political pro-Israel agenda.
An article in the Jewish Daily Forward, published online Tuesday [22 October], hints at the ties between CCFP and StandWithUs and claims that CCFP “partnered with StandWithUs” for tax-exempt purposes while awaiting approval of its own nonprofit registration. However, this explanation is inadequate.
In fact, as the article says, CCFP and StandWithUS are legally one and the same thing. As Nguyen says, “Creative Community for Peace is a registered ‘fictitious business name’ of the Israel Emergency Network, aka StandWithUs”.
And the deception doesn’t just end there.
The official business name of StandWithUs is “Israel Emergency Alliance,” which is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in California. Businesses operating in California are required to register all the names in which they are doing business—known as “fictitious business names,” or DBA (“doing business as”). Prior to the founding of CCFP, the Israel Emergency Alliance had registered the following fictitious names with the Los Angeles County Clerk:
  • StandWithUs
  • IEA (the abbreviation for Israel Emergency Alliance)
  • European Leadership Network (the former European branch of StandWithUs)
  • Elnet (the abbreviation for the European Leadership Network)
Nothing is as it seems when it comes to Israel and its network of pimps and stooges. The onus is on all of us to be vigilant. Cancer can strike anywhere and at any time.
Meanwhile, the Zionist lobby in the US city of Boston has been busy trying to deprive Bostonians of the truth about Israel.
According to a report by Philip Weiss published in Mondoweiss, “Ads in the Boston transit system depicting the loss of Palestinian lands to Israel are being taken down, days after they were put up, because the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority ‘fielded numerous complaints’”.
The problem, however, seems to be confined to Boston, at least for now. The report in Mondoweiss quotes Henry Clifford, who arranged the purchase of the advertisements in subway stations and commuter platforms, as saying that “the ads appeared in the New York and Washington metro transit systems and got many similar complaints but were not taken down”.
“You’d think Boston is an intellectual centre of the country, with all those universities, and that they’d be broadminded and open-minded enough to see this,” he told Weiss .
Of course, except that censorship is the weapon of last resort of losers. In the end, the truth will out, and Israel’s stooges and pimps know it.

Samedi 26 Octobre 2013

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