Hôtel du Nil, voix du Darfour [vidéo]

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Fabienne LE HOUEROU []
Vendredi 20 Juillet 2007

Hôtel du Nil, voix du Darfour [vidéo]

Voices of Darfur The film tells the story of displaced populations from Darfur in Cairo.

From Wadi Halfa ( Sudan) to Aswan ( Egypt) we will follow by boat the refugees escaping the ethnocide in Darfur. The Nile is a corridor of displacement and we will cross the Nubian destroyed territories to understand the history of forced migration in the two countries.

The refugees in Cairo are telling the rest of the world how UNHCR have abandoned them and how they are surviving in Cairo working in the Egyptian Capital: Collecting iron for a dollar a day or being a street seller.

Interviews are in english and arabic with french subtitles.

Duration: One hour

Languages: English, Arabic/French subtitles

Producer: CNRS Images

Vendredi 20 Juillet 2007

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