Gazan Doctor's children killed while he is speaking to Israeli TV

Samedi 17 Janvier 2009

Gazan Doctor's children killed while he is speaking to Israeli TV
A friend of mine sent something unusual, a link to a blog post talking about a Gazan doctor who normally works near Tel Aviv, who often reports to Channel 10. During one of his reports, the ultimate tragedy strikes. SEE it here (thank you Oskar) and there are subtitles to understand the words spoken.

from Open Salon

Dr. Loses Kids to IDF Bomb During Interview to Israeli TV

Israeli public opinion, while still fo the opinion that this operation was a good idea, is moving decidedly to the "OK, we're done here" view, as my good friend and mentor Shai Golden put it in Haaretz's "This Week" supplemnent's main hed today.But as any student of history knows, there sometimes passes an awful long period (at least subjectively) between the realization that an armed conflict has run its course, and when the (now admittedly needless) slaughter of people actually stops.


So, Israel's channel 10 is interviewing its regular "good Palestinian", Dr. Az A-Din  Abu al-Ayash, an OB-GYN who actually works at Israel's Tel HaShomer hospital outside Tel Aviv. (In other words, he's an OB_GYN able to practice his love with women across the country). 

So Channel 10's Shlomi Eldar is interviewing the good doctor by phone, live on TV, when suddenly there's a boom and the doctor begins to scream "Oh god, they killed my daughters".

 Oops! One of our tanks missed its actual target and took out the good Dr's house, killing two of his daughters and injuring a third (who, because Dali had nothing on reality, was airlifted to the same hospital where her dad works).

This, by the way, happened after the doctor complained earlier in the week that a tank with its barrel pointed directly at the his window was making him nervous. So Ronni Daniel, the (traitor to journalism, embedded IDF spokesman)  military reporter for Channel 2, reportedly spoke to the commander in question and got him to point that thing someplace else. Only temporarily, as it turns out.  

I wish I was making this up. 

More later. 

My friend sent me the link to the actual show:

Here it is, in Hebrew, between two annoying commercials.

You hear him crying live on the show on the phone, and the smirk of the interviewer, explaining what happened to the viewers and asking him how he feels - is disgusting.


So, see this video (listen to it, especially). It is pretty shocking.  Here is another report on it (from the link)

Tel Aviv - A Palestinian doctor from Gaza who was a regular guest on Israeli television Friday called a reporter who had interviewed him many times, screaming frantically that his house had just been bombed by the military.

'My girls, oh god, they've killed my girls,' cried Ezz al-Din Abu al-Aish, the doctor, as the Israeli reporter held his mobile phone to the microphone during a live broadcast.

Abu al-Aish's home in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip, had just been hit by a shell, fired by Israeli soldiers.

The doctor works as a gynecologist at both hospitals in Gaza as well as the Tel Hashomer medical center in Israel and speaks fluent Hebrew, making him an ideal guest for the television.

'I hope anyone who can hear us, the military, the red cross, can get there,' the emotional reporter, Shlomi Eldar said, announcing the exact location of the doctor's home, hoping help would arrive quickly.

Eldar then went off-camera to call his numerous contacts in Israel and try and get the family assistance.

Medical teams have reported extreme limitations on their movement during the ongoing Israeli military campaign.

Three girls of the doctor's eight children died in the attack, two others were injured as was he, and they were taken to hospitals in Israel.

The doctor had become a mainstay on Channel 10, giving daily updates to Eldar and other reporters on the unfolding Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, and adding his own moderate political message.

Archive footage from last week, broadcast again after the bombing, showed the doctor condemning both the Israeli military's hard-handed actions in Gaza, as well as Palestinian rocket fire at southern Israel.

The Israeli military told the channel that the shell that hit the house was in response to rockets fired from the home.

'They fired hugs and love and peace, nothing else was fired,' the doctor said about his deceased daughters in later phone interview with the channel.

'Why did they kill them, they were just girls?' Abu al-Aish repeated over and over again to the reporters, on the prime-time Friday night broadcast, considered the most important news show of the week.

The doctor's brother was also killed as were two nephews in the bombing. His wife had died of cancer three years ago.

One of the surviving girls brought to the Israeli hospital was in critical condition.

In the environment of the three-week old campaign in Gaza, the channel itself deemed such intense reporting of the Palestinian story 'rare.'

Channel 10 continued to follow the case throughout the entire broadcast and took credit for getting Abu al-Aish and the girls out through the northern Erez Crossing into Israel, where other ambulances waited and brought them to hospitals.


from Reuters:

JERUSALEM - Israeli television broadcast desperate cries for help from a Palestinian doctor on Friday after his children were killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip and troops later helped surviving members of the family.


The telephone calls created extraordinary scenes during evening news broadcasts as the doctor, a Hebrew-speaking physician who spoke regularly on Israeli television, said three of his children were killed in a tank strike and others were wounded.


"My girls were sitting at home planning their futures, talking, then suddenly they are being shelled," he said in a voice shaking with emotion. "I want to know why they were killed, who gave the order?"


Izz el-Deen Aboul Aish is a gynaecologist who worked in one of Israel's main hospitals before Gazans were effectively sealed off behind an Israeli-led blockade on the Hamas-controlled enclave. He often gave interviews to Channel 10 television.


With Israeli journalists unable to report from the Gaza Strip independently, Aboul Aish acted as a Hebrew-speaking witness who told of the Palestinian civilians' suffering under fire during Israel's three-week-old offensive there.


The deaths of more than 1,150 Palestinians, some 700 of them civilians by one independent count, have left the Israeli public largely unmoved. An overwhelming majority backs a war to end Hamas rocket fire that, before the offensive, had killed 18 people and disrupted life in southern towns over recent years.


Channel 10 correspondent Shlomi Eldar, who said he had planned a live on-air interview with Aboul Aish on Friday evening, produced a mobile phone in the studio, letting viewers here the voice of Aboul Aish: "My God, my girls, Shlomi," he said. "Can't anybody get to us, please?"


Eldar told his audience: "They have killed his family".


He said three of Aboul Aish's children were killed and two were seriously wounded. Building up the sense of drama, cameras followed him as left the studio, saying he would try to help arrange for their transfer for treatment, and safety, in Israel.


Surviving members of the family were later shown being transferred to Israeli ambulances and taken out of Gaza. Aid agencies have complained that Israel has not done enough to help Gaza's hospitals and allow the transfer of some wounded people.


Aboul Aish's brother was also wounded and Eldar said two of his brother's children had also been killed in the incident.


The Israeli army said troops fired on Aboul Aish's house because a sniper had fired on soldiers from the building.


Aboul Aish responded: "All that was ever fired out of our house was love, hugs and acts of peace, nothing else, ever."

(thanks Daniel!)

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Samedi 17 Janvier 2009


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