From King David Hotel in Palestine to Marriott Hotel in Pakistan

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« Pakistan is being punished for refusing to allow U.S. military boots on Pakistani soil, for the bombings in India, for the July 7 attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul, and for the failures of the American military in Afghanistan. The attack is a clear message to the Pakistani ruling elite: We will bring the war to your home. », Ahmed Quraishi : « Islamabad Attack: Time To End Pakistani Role In America’s War », 21st Sept 2008.
Mardi 23 Septembre 2008

From King David Hotel in Palestine to Marriott Hotel in Pakistan





The inside of Marriott Hotel, Islamabad , in flames


General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani gave a stern warning to Washington against any attack on Pakistani soil, and recently gave orders to repel and did repel such an intrusion. In order to end pro-US President Zardardi’s alleged reluctance to endorse the General’s warning to Washington, on 20th September 2008 , the President, who is also the widower of assassinated Benazir Bhutto, told a joint session of Parliament that : « We will not tolerate the violation of our sovereignty and territorial integrity by any power in the name of combating terrorism ». A few hours later, namely at 20.00 hours on 20 Sept 2008 , the Marriott Hotel was attacked and the US immediately put the blame on Al-Qaida and the ‘Pakistan Taliban’. Both terms are creations of the Mossad-CIA. There is no organisation called Al-Qaida which was the name given by the Mossad-CIA to their database of Afghan agents fighting the Soviet occupation. On the other hand, Taliban is a political organisation in Afghanistan like Labour in the UK and Likhud in Israel-in-Palestine . There is no political organisation called ‘Taliban’ in Pakistan , although there are Pakistanis who may sympathise with the Taliban. But they are an infirm minority in small groups and not armies as alleged by the US and their Pakistani agents. They have neither sophisticated weapons nor any money to buy them. Those stories are invented by Zionists in the US and Israel and repeated ad nauseam in their media in order to make a case to force pro-US President Zardardi to turn his guns on his own people and to attack Pakistan and seize its nuclear weapons.


The Indian connection


The US have allowed India to set up military training camps in Afghanistan, and they are training, arming and financing rebels who are being sent to Pakistan to destabilise the government. India has forged a strategic alliance with Israel to perfect India ’s methods of occupation of Kashmir where all Indian atrocities, mass graves of Kashmiris, shootings of civilians and human rights abuses are brushed under the carpet. The Mossad, Hamid Karzai and India are fuelling ethnic insurgency in South West Pakistan where China is building a strategic port. In addition, with her nuclear and military deals with the US , India seems to pay lip service to her diverse peoples with a high risk of further partitions of India . Remember, it was India which financed and armed East Pakistan (now Bangladesh ) to breakaway from then West Pakistan .


The Marriott attack


In 1946, through his terrorists dressed up in Palestinian army uniforms, terrorist Menahem Begin, leader of Irgun, bombed the King David Hotel , the British Military command in Palestine , leading to the break-up of Palestine to this day. The break-up of Pakistan is on the Mossad-CIA agenda. Similarly, the bombing, allegedly by two Sunni men in uniform, of the Holy Shia mosque in Samarra in April 2003, was designed to divide resistance against the terror of US occupation and its allies and eventually divide Iraq . The hotly-disputed and unproven official conspiracy theory is that the 9/11 attacks in the US were the work of Al-Qaida and the Taliban, leading to the invasion of Afghanistan and later Iraq . This is the only way Zionists can divide and control the Muslim world.


Although no group has claimed responsibility for the Marriott attack in Islamabad , the US conspiracy theory is that it is the work of Al-Qaida and the Taliban, again with no proof. But the sequence of events points in a totally different direction, especially as the attack took place only a few hours after President Zardardi’s assurance on the protection of Pakistani sovereignty. In the Marriott attack, CCTV footage shows a truck trying to force its way through the barrier but ‘failed’ to go through as it stopped at the barrier, 60 feet away from the hotel. An explosion took place inside the lorry and security guards tried to put out the fire. But the alleged ‘suicide bombing’ was never shown, and how the deep crater outside the hotel was created was not shown either. But the whole length of the hotel was on fire inside and across all the floors, and this was not caused by the explosion outside as the alleged ‘bomb-laden’ lorry could not make it beyond the gate.


Reports suggest that Mr. Sadruddin Hashwani, the owner of Marriott, allowed the U.S. military to store military equipment inside the hotel. Mr Hashwani is said to be very close to President Zardardi and co-owners of a hotel in Houston , Texas . While Admiral Mike Mullen was meeting Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and others in Islamabad on 20 Sept 2008, it is reported that steel boxes were being unloaded by US Marines from a US Embassy truck and shifted to the upper floors of the Marriott Hotel by bypassing the scanners. This activity was witnessed by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) members such as « Mumtaz Alam Gilani and his two friends, Sajjad Chaudhry, a PPP leader, and one Bashir Nadeem », says Ahmed Quraishi.


It is also very strange and suspicious that, after such a shocking and sophisticated attack, President Zardardi persists in flying to New York on 22 Sept 2008, less than two days following the Marriott attack, to attend a US-controlled General Assembly session where he will meet the US invading President George Bush « on the sidelines » who will most probably urge him to sack Pakistan's powerful army chief, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani who dared sent warning shots against the US in order to protect Pakistan from US terrorism.




« The frequency and intensity of attacks inside Pakistan have exceeded the attacks that U.S. military is facing in Afghanistan », says Ahmad Quraishi. This is clearly part of a plan to force President Zardardi to turn his guns on his own people and give the US military a foothold inside Pakistan , which Pakistanis reject. President Zardardi must shed the stigma of being a pro-US leader, and prove to the Pakistani people that he is a pro-Pakistan leader safeguarding his people and the sovereignty of Pakistan . No one should be allowed to meddle in its internal affairs. Pakistan must defeat the Zionist forces of extremism and terrorism operating in Pakistan . In his article, Ahmed Quraishi makes it abundantly clear that for this to happen, Pakistan must end its role in America ’s war.


M Rafic Soormally


22 September 2008  

Mardi 23 Septembre 2008

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