Flight MH17: The Crash Mystery

Vendredi 16 Janvier 2015

Flight MH17: The Crash Mystery
MH17 Disappears from Headlines as Anti-Russian Agenda Falters
Author: Ulson Gunnar Region: Southeast Asia Country: Malaysia
The loss of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 served as a cornerstone of Western propaganda targeting Moscow and its allies in eastern Ukraine. In the initial whirlwind of baseless rhetoric launched before any sort of investigation began, Russia was squarely accused of gunning the civilian airliner from the skies of Ukraine in a cold, callus display of inexplicable evil. Despite the otherwise illogical nature of this narrative, it was hoped that it would serve as the first of many strikes against Russia's credibility and standing globally. MH17 would continue to serve as a point of contention for weeks and months to follow. A stacked investigative committee was formed comprising of NATO members, NATO allies, and potential culprits in MH17's downing, the -Сontinue reading...

West touting ‘classified’ evidence to avoid impartial MH17 investigation
Author: Nile Bowie Region: Ukraine in the world
Western governments insist that Ukrainian rebels assisted by Russia were responsible for shooting down flight MH17, but they are unwilling to disclose their evidence and explain their methodologies. As the enquiry continues into the demise of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the skies of eastern Ukraine in July, the preliminary findings of the international investigation have done little to develop a clearer understanding of the incident. The parties responsible for bringing down the aircraft, and exactly what means were utilized to do so, have yet to be firmly established. Due to the continued obstruction and contamination of the crash site as a result of military hostilities, it is highly questionable whether further forensic examinations can be carried out under such -Сontinue reading...

Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US "Intel"
Author: Tony Cartalucci Region: Ukraine in the world
The absence of America's so-called "intelligence" regarding the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 over Ukraine in a 34 page Dutch Safety Board preliminary report raises serious questions about the credibility and legitimacy of both America's political agenda, and all agencies, organizations, and political parties currently behind it. The report titled, "Preliminary Report: Crash involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17" (.pdf), cites a wide variety of evidence in its attempt to determine the cause of flight MH17's crash and to prevent similar accidents or incidents from occurring again in the future. Among this evidence includes the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), the flight data recorder (FDR), analysis of recorded air traffic control (ATC) surveillance data and radio communication, analysis of the -Сontinue reading...

Another Journalist Exposes MH17 False Flag
Author: F. William Engdahl Region: Ukraine in the world
There has been much commentary concerning the downing of the MH17 plane in Ukraine. Strangely enough, whenever the US position is presented it is not backed by credible evidence, but presented as fact nonetheless. The opposite view – that it was not the Russians who shot down the plane, as the actual evidence suggests – has not been presented so often, and when it has action has been taken against those who say it – reports are pulled, journalists have their communications intercepted, etcetera. Here William F. Engdahl, political expert, who has taken the effort to study the evidence available, beyond social media accounts. He list what is not, shares his opinion of what happened to the Malaysian Airlines plane -Сontinue reading...

Interest in MH17 Fades as Sanctions & War Edge Closer
Author: Tony Cartalucci Region: Ukraine in the world
It is abundantly clear that a truthful resolution to the tragedy of the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was never the goal of Washington, London, and Brussels. Citing baseless accusations surrounding the tragedy, the West has leveled a series of incrementally expansive sanctions against Russia while using the tragedy to justify increased military support for Kiev's military forces even as they wage total war against their own population including the use of ballistic missiles, airstrikes, artillery barrages, and tanks. Clearly the goal then was to exploit the air disaster as long as possible before the truth began to emerge - and when that truth did emerge, to ensure the subject of MH17 altogether faded from the collective consciousness of the general public. Surely -Сontinue reading...

MH17 and America’s Deceitful Game
Author: Gordon Duff Region: Ukraine in the world
America claims “evidence is being tampered with.” Who would know better than America? After 9/11, the evidence, not just the dirt itself, enriched with uranium and plutonium, taken to a landfill, but the scant remains of the twin towers, sold to China, never to be examined but in passing. America is playing a double game, crying out about tampered evidence in order to maintain deniability when the evidence turns against them. There have been thousands of photos of the crash site of MH317 but, curiously no overhead photos of the wreckage field, covering more than a square mile. Huge sections of wing, fuselage and interior, untouched and pristine, scatter the countryside. Secretary Kerry was silent when it was learned that -Сontinue reading...

KAL 007 Case Shows Parallels with Malaysian Airlines MH17
Author: Seth Ferris Region: Ukraine in the world
This is not the first time there has been a downing of a commercial flight, and, as in most such cases, there is more to the story of Malaysian Airlines MH17 than the first impression suggests. One particular case from the past gives us clues as to what this “more” might be. On September 1, 1983 a Korean Airlines flight, KAL007 was shot over Kamchatka, Russia, whilst conducting a spy flight. It was piloted by a Captain Chun, who like many other key Korean Airlines pilots in the 1980s had been trained by Captain David H. Adrian, a former U.S. Air Force flyer, commercial pilot for ONA [Overseas National Airline] and Evergreen and professor at The Citadel Military University.  (part one -Сontinue reading...

Malasian aircraft: Another Victim of the West's Proxy War
Author: Jim Dean Region: Ukraine in the world
Poor Malaysia joined the Gazans on Friday in being the sacrificial lambs in this big western geopolitical psyops we are in the middle of. The number of women and children killed on the plane could be as many as have died in Gaza, an unfortunate club to be a member. As is often the case in these tragedies the initial information is often sketchy and sometimes even wrong, either as an honest mistake or part of the coverup. And if you are watching an organized event (staged by an Intel service) you can bet there will be a tightly-organized media campaign to follow. In fact, that is one of the first tip offs you look for that it is a political killing. -Сontinue reading...

Vendredi 16 Janvier 2015

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