ERIO Conference: 'Through Integration and Social Inclusion to Active Citizenship'

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Mercredi 12 Mars 2008

Conference: "Through Integration and Social Inclusion to Active Citizenship"

From January 29-30, the European Roma Information Office (ERIO) organised and led "Through Integration and Social Inclusion to Active Citizenship," a conference aimed to raise awareness of Roma related policy issues and to engage in positive changes and positive practices. This conference is supported by the Commission's Education and Culture Executive Agency in the framework for its "Europe for Citizens" programme. This conference is one section of the project of "Exchange for the Best Practices and Expertise for Roma Integration and Social Inclusion" which is carried out by ERIO, Centro Don Calabria (Italy), and the Inpreuna Agency for Communal Development (Romania) The general objective of the project is to foster Roma active European citizenship through exchange of experiences, knowledge, expertise and best practices acquired by different stakeholder involved in Roma integration and social inclusion.

This conference was attended by 90 participants who actively discussed the need for cooperation for social inclusion of the Roma as well as the short comings in current European policies regarding their basic rights and anti-discrimination. Some of the key speakers were: Mr. Jan Jarab, Member of the Cabinet Commissioner Spidla; Joachim Ott, DG ESA; Virag Sandor, DG ESA; Alekos Tsolakis, EESC; Livia Jaroka, MEP; Victoria Mohasci, MEP; Andrezej Mirga, Senior Advisor on Roma and Sinti at OSCE; Bernard Rorke, Director Roma Programs OSI; Pascale Charon, Director ERRC Budapest; Haaron Saad, Director ERAN; Fintan Farrel, President of Social Platform Brussels. The event was attended by governmental representatives and those from Roma organisations and NGOs dealing with Roma issues from various European countries.

The conference achieved its goal towards enlightening participants on EU policies concerning Roma social inclusion and the continuing fight of discrimination against Roma in Europe. The conference covered the following thematic fields: education, employment, health care, housing, culture and EU policies towards Roma.


The European Roma Information Office (ERIO) is an international advocacy organization, which promotes political and public discussion on Roma issues by providing factual and in-dept information on a range of policy issues to the European Union institutions, Roma civil organizations, governmental authorities and intergovernmental bodies.

The ERIO cooperates with a network of a large number of organizations and acts to combat racial discrimination and social exclusion through awareness raising, lobbying and policy development.

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Mercredi 12 Mars 2008

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