Charlie Hebdo massacre to be condemned like all other massacres, such as Fallujah and Sabra & Shatila

Jeudi 15 Janvier 2015

Charlie Hebdo massacre to be condemned like all other massacres, such as Fallujah and Sabra & Shatila
Charlie Hebdo massacre to be condemned like all other massacres, such as Fallujah and Sabra & Shatila
« The pen is mightier than the sword », said novelist and playwright Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, in his historical play Cardinal Richelieu.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo in France on Wednesday 7 January 2015 was carried out by three gunmen in balaclavas killing 10 unarmed journalists, including its editor. Many more were wounded. Two policemen guarding the offices were also killed in cold blood before the attackers fled in a Citroën car. Such act of terror is rightly condemned and provoked an outpour of grief and solidarity all over Europe, particularly in France, and elsewhere.
This was a carefully planned attack against those running the magazine and the killers did not want to be identified as they were wearing balaclavas. But it has immediately been reported that 'witnesses' had allegedly identified their religion as they shouted « Allahu Akbar »  and « We have avenged the Prophet Mahomet ». But Mahomet is not the proper name of the Prophet because 'Mahomet' is a Jewish appellation derived from « Ma houmid ». Witnesses also allegedly said that the hooded killers, who allegedly spoke « perfect French », allegedly said they were from « al-Qaida in Yemen », an organisation which does not exist except as a name given to a CIA database holding the names of US-backed fighters in Afghanistan when it was under Soviet occupation. Alleged witnesses also allegedly knew that the hooded killers had « military training ». They had everything all worked out.
Conspiracy theories
From those unsubstantiated allegations, in other words, from such conspiracy theory, everything else followed through in similar fashion as in 9/11 and 7/7 when 'Muslims' were immediately identified and vilified so they (and their religion) can be ridiculed and repressed further through attacks on their places of worship, discrimination in all walks of life, imprisonment, even cold-blooded killings. But when those official conspiracy theories are disputed and questions asked, those people are branded as conspiracy theorists themselves. For example, the fact that the planes which attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11 were identified as not being American Airlines and as not having windows is not a conspiracy theory. The fact the tube at Edgware Road on 7/7 exploded from beneath the carriage upwards into the carriage is not a conspiracy theory.
Muslims should apologise for what?
One of the two Police officers killed in cold blood was a Muslim (Ahmed Merabet) and Muslims are urged to apologise for the killings at Charlie Hebdo. When the IRA bombed mainland England for 100 years, Catholics and their Churches were neither identified nor asked to apologise. George Bush and Tony Blair ordered the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the name of Christianity. Jewish Europeans invaded Palestine and murdered hundreds of thousands and made millions refugees all in the name of their religion. No European said « Je suis Palestinien ». And the massacres at Fallujah and Sabra & Shatila should be condemned with the same force. US assassination drones are killing Muslim men, women, children and babies almost on a daily basis. US Police have been killing Blacks. Does this mean that European-Americans should apologise to African-Americans because of a few racists?
US history is replete with massacres in schools, colleges and universities by non-Muslims. But no one said they were extremists, radicalised in their respective churches and demanded an apology from their co-réligionnaires. But if a criminal is a Muslim (or professes to be), his religion is identified and attacked, and all Muslims are made responsible somehow and repressive laws passed targeting them.
Cherif and Said Kouachi
Suspects Saïd and Chérif Kouachi shot dead by French Special forces
The French authorities swiftly 'identified' those three hooded men as Saïd and Chérif Kouachi (two brothers) and their brother-in-law Hamyd Mourad, allegedly the get-away driver, all of Algerian origin. Hamyd Mourad gave himself up to the Police and was released because he was in his class at Lycée Monge de Charleville at the time of the shooting. But Saïd and Chérif Kouachi were shot dead on 09/01/15 by French Special Forces at a printing plant near Charles de Gaulle Airport after they took a hostage who was unharmed. In their frenzy to kill, the Special Forces did not attempt to take the suspects alive and bring them to justice. In so doing, the truth will never be known. If Hamyd Mourad had no alibi, he most probably would have been shot dead as well. Will France now invade Algeria, one of her close North African-Arab allies?
Saïd and Chérif Kouachi were already 'known' to the authorities. They were both drug addicts  and one had even served time in prison on terrorism-related conviction, bearing in mind that in Europe anything can amount to terrorism if it concerns a Muslim, such as the holding of alleged ‘jihadi’ material on their hard drives. The Europeans distorted the term jihad, which means « to strive » like every human does, in order to suit their own agenda. They coined terms such as ‘jihadist’, ‘islamist’, in order to attack the religion, not to mention that even Imams, such as the Algerian Dalil Boubakeur, said to be ‘Recteur’ (a Church term) de la Grande Mosquée de Paris, adopted those terms because he is one of many who has been recruited by the authorities in the same way many Africans were recruited to capture fellow Africans in times of slavery.
Inciting racial and religious hatred
Given that the pen can be mightier than the sword (Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1839), under its pen or pencil, Charlie Hebdo is a weekly magazine which abuses freedom of expression through its caricatures and is radicalised in inciting racial and religious hatred, allegedly for laughter. This is not to be confused with the Reader's Digest rubric « Laughter the best medicine ».
Charlie Hebdo caricaturised the Pope during his visit in Paris thinking « Les Français aussi cons que les nègres », and the magazine said « Font chier, ces nègres » in the context of the war in Zaire, and portrayed the Christian concept of « Le Père, Le Fils et le Saint Esprit » in a most obscene manner. The Charlie Hebdo editor also reproduced the Danish daily Jyllands-Posten cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad as a 'terrorist'. Charlie Hebdo even portrayed the Prophet of Islam naked. If Black Africans and Christians see such caricaturisation about them a laughing matter, Muslims take their religion seriously and do not think it is a laughing matter. However, no one of whatever race or religious faith condones the atrocious act perpetrated by the killers, and it was hoped that they would be captured alive and brought to justice. But they were killed instead.
In his article « « Charlie Hebdo » victime d’un acte terroriste ou d’un attentat sous fausse bannière ? », published on Wednesday 7 January 2015, the Editor of Alterinfo, Mr Zeynel CEKICI says « Même si l'islamophobie de Charlie Hebdo était patent, il n’y a aucune justification pour commettre un tel acte criminel. Ce magasine satirique avait une certaine récurrence dans la haine et la provocation et n’a eut cesse d’insulter l’Islam et son prophète, espérant un jour une réponse violente de la part de la communauté musulmane. Mais les insultes répétées n’ayant pas trouvé la réaction ''barbare'' tant espérée, ils ont poussé le vice jusqu’à mettre le feu dans leurs propres locaux en 2011 ! Aucun musulman n’avait intérêt à commettre cet acte et certainement pas dans cette hystérie collective d'islamophobie. Si les responsables de cet acte odieux étaient musulmans comme le laisse croire d’une même voix toute la presse, comment expliquer que des individus qui prétendent venger l’honneur du prophète ne puissent prononcer son nom correctement ? MAHOMET ou MOHAMMAD ? »
« Colbert », a commentator to the article, said the following on 07/01/15 at 16:11 :
« C'était presque écrit :
- un islamiste tué dans un commissariat et qui avant cela avait crié "allahakbar"
- le sioniste zemmour qui nous pond un livre islamophobe
- le sioniste houelbecq qui nous pond un livre islamophobe
-des manifs anti-islam en allemagne
-une mosquée brulée en suède
[..] il est quasi sûr que les 2 cagoulés ne seront pas retrouvés ou s'ils le sont, ils seront immédiatement abattu pour qu'on ne sache rien de ce qui s'est réellement passé. Au passage, s'ils sont abattu, évidement que ce ne seront pas les vrais auteurs, mais des marboulains sortie de prison et drogués qui se disent de la mouvance islamiste. (cf. affaire merah, même procédé) »
Note: The suspects were shot dead on 09/01/15.
Recognition of Palestine
When, on 02 Dec 14, by a majority of 339-151, French MPs voted to recognise the State of Palestine « as an instrument to gain a definitive resolution of the conflict », many felt that something was bound to happen in France. Today, the Charlie Hebdo killings are used as an excuse against Palestinians and their statehood. The UN Security Council fell short of the recognition of Palestine by one vote and the US voted against. « There were eight votes in favor, including France, Russia and China, two against and five abstentions, among them Britain. Australia joined the United States in voting against the measure. » (Reuters, 31 December 2014).
For his part, Dr Paul Craig Roberts, former White House Official and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal, said (10 Jan 15) that the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo was « designed to shore up France’s vassal status to Washington » and that « The suspects can be both guilty and patsies ».
Murdered Journalists
Throughout history, journalists have often been murdered. In recent years, journalists are murdered in Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Occupied Palestine. All those countries are supported by countries like France. No one cried out the famous words « freedom of expression ». The Palestinian caricaturist Naji al-Ali, famous in the Middle East, was assassinated in London on 22 July 1987 near the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas where he worked. American peace activist and diarist Rachel Corrie was murdered in Occupied Palestine in 2003. No one said : « Je suis Rachel ». 16 journalists were killed in Occupied Palestine since 1992, among them Issam Tillawi (Voice of Palestine, 2002), Fadel Shana (Reuters, 2008), Simone Camilli (AP, 2014). The atrocious killings at the Charlie Hebdo come to add to this long and sad list.
Only when Muslims are attacked and their religion denigrated through the pen or pencil that freedom of expression seems to exist. But there is no freedom in France to criticise the occupiers of Palestine or to stage demonstrations in favour of Palestine or against Zionists. There is no freedom in France for Muslims to express themselves freely. Even their items of clothing are suppressed in a country which motto is supposedly « Liberté, Fraternité, Egalité ». In a world where so many countries have been invaded and occupied by Europeans in Asia, the Middle East and Africa with their hundreds of military (some say terror) bases around the world and with millions killed, countries like France seems to hold to key to war and peace.
M Rafic Soormally
13 January 2015

Jeudi 15 Janvier 2015

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