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American Jews Push Obama to War

Les sionistes américains pour la guerre ! l'article est publié dans sa version originale

Lundi 2 Septembre 2013

American Jews Push Obama to War
Life is a strange thing! Especially if you are a rich American Jew. On the one hand you want to become richer. That’s what the United States needs short-tern victorious military campaigns for - to remind everyone who is the boss in this world. At that, the Jewish capital never allows over-production. Like the production of extra quantities of weapons, for instance. It is expedient to get rid of redundant arms along with muscle flexing in the regions, which are rich in oil, gas and other minerals. They are precious enough to throw bombs and even costly Tomahawks at the heads of aborigines once they are too dumb to realize what the United States interests are.

At the same time the call of blood is always alive in the soul of a Jew and it urges him to come to the aid and defend Israel if need be. Because somehow it has happened so that the aborigines, who live in the lands of oil and gas, don’t like the Jewish state for whatever the reason it may be. As soon as the American Jews, who control the US finances and industry, start a new war in the Middle East, a thought comes to the head of an Arab – what about striking Israel once the promised land is so dear to the heart of an American Jew?

There is a paradox: Israelis rely on the United States, whatever they do, but each and every time they become victims of the greed and ambitions of their American co-nationals who consider the United States only as an instrument of global financial management. The events in Syria prove the point.

The war in the neighboring country has been raging for already two years but it has not directly threatened the Israel’s security. But as soon as Washington made public its intent to use military force and do it (just think about it!) on the side of Israel’s foes – the Islamists, then the citizens of this country, who have sad experience of previous American adventures, started to acquire gas masks and prepare places in bomb shelters, caulk windows and check the alarm systems in case of chemical attack.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) says «The Jewish state is our only ally-and the only country in the world-whose citizens are currently being distributed gas masks en mass». So, all stand up and fight for Israel! Can’t you see AIPAC is full of anxiety! But an Israeli Jew will not have to enjoy the odor of Asian spices through a gas mask if the American Jews don’t poke their noses everywhere and use their Tomahawk missiles to meddle into other people’s affairs pretending the intent is to manage the conflicts they have provoked themselves. The most striking paradox under the circumstances is that Israelis can become victims in case chemical weapons are used by US allies – the Islamists (one can hardly imagine the Syrian leaders willing to face an international tribunal accused of crimes against humanity).

The situation could not be better for the Islamic radicals rushing to Syria upon the US call to come and defend «democracy». Having launched a couple of poisonous sarin-tipped munitions against Israel, they will provide the West with an opportunity to substantiate the need for toppling the legal Syrian government using military force. On the other hand, they’ll have great pleasure to watch TV and see the Jews they hate so much in the throes of death…

Do they understand it in Israel? You bet! The leading experts of the Institute for National Security Studies (Israel) Amos Yadlin, and Avner Golov wrote in their piece called US Military Intervention in Syria: The Broad Strategic Purpose, Beyond Punitive Action ((INSS Insight No. 459, August 29, 2013), «The main fear is that American action in Syria could have «unexpected consequences» that would expand the scope and duration of a military operation. For example, a military operation against Assad could strengthen the jihadi organizations».

Just think about it! The American military have been regularly warned about it during the last two years. Including the warnings coming from the countries considered to be the main obstacles on the way of implementing the US Middle East policy – Russia and China. But all to no avail.

There is an impression that those who rule «the only global power» are carried away by what they plan to do and there is no way to stop them. At least not with conventional weapons. Only nuclear arms can deter the American hawks from aggression. That’s why the Iran’s nuclear program gets Washington exasperated so much. Somehow AIPAC is actively pushing Washington into the armed conflict direction.

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee calls on the White House, «The use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime highlights the danger of allowing the world's most dangerous regimes to possess weapons of mass destruction. As Israel prepares its citizens for the possible ramifications of a chemical attack from Syria, the United States must consider potentially catastrophic ramifications if Iran, who is actively backing Assad, acquires a nuclear weapons capability».

Perhaps this is the core goal pursued by the rich American Jews when it comes to Syria? To instigate a US attack against Iran whose riches never leave them in peace?

Then one understands better the proposition put forward by American Israel Public Affairs Committee which calls for immediate strike against Syria without any delay till Iran has not gone nuclear. It would serve as a lesson for Persians: an attempt to deter the United States has ended up the very same way – a military intervention. Like if the United States would leave Iran alone in case it possessed no nuclear weapons. The example of Iraq tells quite a different story.

The world is plunging into chaos. The reason is helter-skelter in the minds of those who belong to the American ruling elite, their heads going ‘round while they pursuit the goal of global domination.

One day they foster Islamists to defeat the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and then they expressly shed tears over the ruins of twin towers destroyed by jihadists in New York. One day they bring Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt, and then they topple them with the help of military coup. Now Washington provokes Islamists into attacks against Syria and it does not know itself what to do if the «allies» get hold of weaponized sarin to poison Israelis, Europeans and the Americans themselves.

Do they realize in Washington that it is the imperial policy of the United States that makes other nations seek possible options to defend themselves, including weapons of mass destruction?

Do they realize that it’s the US policy that doomed the reset policy with Russia or that the contradictions between China and the United States are exacerbated because of American attempts to transform normal economic competition into military and political dimension?

The United States makes other nations spur arms race and join efforts to keep the insane America at the distance. How long will it last? What if one day Washington crosses the line when diplomatic opportunities are exhausted?

It has not happened so far. Having it all in mind, it is itching to tell Americans: come on, stop this «Nobel Prize Peace Winner» of yours at last! Don’t you have enough domestic problems to worry the elected President more than the fate of «democracy» in the Middle East? Especially once he tries to do it with the help of Al Qaeda, Muslim brothers and other warriors of jihad, grown and supported at the expense of US taxpayers. If you don’t try to get hold of Iran’s riches, then will matter it if Iran is nuclear or not? Why bother about Israel, nobody threatens its security, nobody encroaches on it but the very same Islamists that your own President is feeding today at the expense of US state budget?

Wake up, America! It’s not late yet!

Lundi 2 Septembre 2013

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