Video interview of Swedish Journalist who wrote about Israeli organ theft

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Mercredi 26 Août 2009

Video interview of Swedish Journalist who wrote about Israeli organ theft
This video interview, in two parts, made by Morris Herman for the Palestinian Mothers Network (also viewable on and You Tube) asks the Swedish journalist about the article that currently is in the news, reporting on the claims made to the journalist from Palestinians about the belated return of their sons, maimed, killed and their organs exploited by the IDF, and the subsequent strange burial procedures these men had to undergo. The second video talks more about the Israeli position to Sweden and death threats made to the journalist.
Videos produced by Iqbal Tamimi and Morris Herman of Palestinian Mothers Network.

Iqbal Tamimi is a Palestinian journalist and poet from Hebron. She is the creator of a vibrant and important activists' network Palestinian Mothers, open to all who share the vision of peace and justice, men and women alike. She is working now in UK.
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Mercredi 26 Août 2009


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