IUPFP holds a successful conference at the Belgian Parliament on the Palestinian Prisoners issue!

Mercredi 17 Décembre 2008

IUPFP holds a successful conference at the Belgian Parliament on the Palestinian Prisoners issue!
Despite attempts of the Zionist Lobby in Belgium to prevent the activity of IUPFP on the subject of the Palestinian prisoners and their resistance from being held at the Belgian federal parliament today, it went through and it was a great success.

The conference room was full with some 110 participants from several sectors of society. Several Parliamentarians and activists, but also professors, thinkers, artists and business people. The Press was also there with al-Jazeera transmitting the activity live and several news papers, both local and international also attended.

The Meeting was opened by Mr Luk Vervaet the president of the Belgian branch of IUPFP who welcomed the guests and spoke about the importance of resistance as a way to retrieve the rights and liberate the land. He also addressed the importance of holding this conference at the Belgian parliament, and considered it as a breakthrough in the process of decriminalization of the resistance.

He was followed by Ecolo Deputy Fouad Lahssaini who hosted the conference and withstood all Kinds of pressure to make it succeed. He explained that his motivation can be summed up by two points, on the one hand supporting the IUPFP in achieving its goals, and on the Other hand addressing the issue itself of the Palestinian prisoners especially his colleagues the Parliamentarians in "Israeli" Jails. He added that this is especially important to him because he was an observer at the Palestinian elections that were won by Hamas, and he can tell that these elections were impeccable and an example of transparency and fairness. That "Isra-l" then arrest elected MP's representing their people, and that the world is silent about that is according to him "in acceptable".

After him, Dr. Hassan khrayshe the vice speaker of the Palestinian legislative council spoke about the balance of 60 years of Nakba. Years that were filled with killings, ethnic cleansing, genocide, abductions and other forms of Oppression. He gave some facts and figures, counting 10400 Palestinians in Israeli jails among which 340 children and 41 deputies. He mentioned that a European parliamentary delegation tried to visit their imprisoned colleagues but they were denied that right and when they demonstrated they were dispersed by force by the Zionists. He finally called upon Europe to halt all its partnership agreements with "Isra-l" because Europe has a historical responsibility in the creation of this problem, underlining that the essence of the Palestinian question is the right of return for the 7 million Palestinian refugees.

Then Dr Husain Haj Hassan MP in the Lebanese parliament for Hezbollah took the word. He spoke about the history of Israeli aggression against Lebanon and noted that the Israeli attacks on Lebanon started in 1947 long time before the foundation of the Lebanese resistance in 1982. Therefore it is clear that the resistance is a result of aggression and not that aggression is the result of resistance as many people try to suggest. Adding that all diplomatic means have been tried by the Lebanese government to liberate the land and free the prisoners and that none of these efforts has ever been successful. Only the way of the resistance delivered on the liberation of both land and prisoners.

IUPFP secretary Abdullah Kassir concentrated on the Human aspects of the conflict and considered that the core of the Palestinian cause is the rejection of oppression and the ethical attachment to justice as a value that is necessary to achieve peace. He said that IUPFP was born out of the sense of responsibility of parliamentarians who wanted to properly represent their peoples and act against a great injustice. The organization grew from a small group of 11 parliamentarians in 2001 to an organization of 350 member MP's today and it will keep on defending the Palestinian cause in all possible venues.

Greta Berlin from the Free Gaza Movement gave an inspiring presentation on the Idea of breaking the siege through boat trips that started with small fishermen boats and now grew to become a systematic campaign that will continue to grow. She called upon people to take up their responsibility and to take part in these trips that are continuing despite all difficulties and intimidation and the lack of support. All by all it was a very inspiring and successful event that constituted a breakthrough both on the level of defending Palestinian rights but also on the level of legitimizing the resistance movements.

IUPFP International Director Dyab Abou Jahjah declared that new activities in other Parliaments in Europe are on the Agenda and will be announced at the right moment.

Mercredi 17 Décembre 2008

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