"Cinema Against Racism" Award for Young Roma Filmmaker

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Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009

"Cinema Against Racism" Award for Young Roma Filmmaker
On Sunday, July 12, 19-year-old Roma filmmaker Laura Halilovic will receive the "Cinema Against Racism" award at the XV International Anti-Racism Meeting in Livorno, Italy, which is supported by the Region of Tuscany together with several local governments and associations. Halilovic is being honored for her feature-length documentary film "Me, My Gipsy Family & Woody Allen," which in June won the UCCA Prize 2009 at the Bellaria Film Festival in Bellaria, Italy. The film also received special mention by the jury "for the ability to describe in a soft, at times ironic, but always direct way, her own story, the one of her family and through these the difficult conditions of Gipsies in Italy." The UCCA Prize is awarded to the top two documentaries at the Bellaria Film Festival, and the prize-winning films receive the opportunity to be screened in at least 20 Italian cities.


See a preview of "Me, My Gipsy Family & Woody Allen" at


After the film won the UCCA Prize, the regional office of the Ministry of Education in Piedmont also agreed to facilitate screenings of "Me, My Gipsy Family & Woody Allen" at more than 200 high schools. The film will be presented to teachers in October, and from 2010 the documentary will be available in the teachers' resource catalogue. Schools will also have the possibility to organize screenings followed by discussions between Halilovic and students.

"Me, My Gipsy Family & Woody Allen" was produced by Zenit Arti Audiovisive with support from the OSI Roma Decade Matching Fund, Italian broadcaster RAI 3, the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunity, Piemonte Doc Film Fund and others.

For more information about the film see


Photo of Laura Halilovic courtesy of Zenit Arti Audiovisive. All rights reserved.

Vendredi 10 Juillet 2009

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